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The Secret Pouch Packing Cubes (Set of 6)

The Secret Pouch Packing Cubes (Set of 6)

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Messy, over-stuffed Luggage are a thing of the past!

Save your time and space, and make sure all your personal care belongings are well organized.

Product Description

- Comes with 6 cubes in different sizes.

- You can keep t-shirts and bulky items in the large cubes.

- The smaller cubes is perfect for undergarments and socks to earphones.

Material & Size

Material - Nylon

Large Cube: 40cm(L)x30cm(W)x12cm(H)

Middle Cube : 30cm(L)x28cm(W)x12cm(H)

Small Cube : 30cm(L)x21cm(W)x12cm(H)

Large Flat Cube: 35cm(L)x27cm(W)

Middle Flat Cube : 27cm(L)x25cm(W)

Small Flat Cube: 26cm(L)x16cm(W)

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