About Us

At Olowey, we believe that we all learn more when we travel. We, however, acknowledge how challenging traveling can be, especially with a lot of belongings.

That’s why we are to make traveling for our customers smooth by offering the highest quality and durable travel bag. We founded this store because of our love for traveling, and one of our key goals was to make preparation fast, easy, and enjoyable regardless of the distance.

We believe in fun traveling, so we focus on making stylish, fun, and functional bags suitable for all our customers regardless of age, gender, and travel needs.


Our approach

As people who love traveling, our bags are made travelers for travelers. We have made luggage that will be there for us as we travel the world. Our designers are dedicated to designing bags that make it easy to organize and carry your belongings and make you look good wherever you are.

In our collection, everyone in your family or travel group will find different travel accessories styles and sizes. By producing over 1,000 travel bags, you and your travel buddies will never have to wait months to lay your hands on your desired bag.

Before making our bags, we observed travelers with different needs and going to different places, then identified what they were missing in their bags. This helped us leverage what they loved about bags in the market, identify the gap, and find the best way to fulfill all our customers’ needs.

We also want our bags to tell every customers story. Therefore, we have numerous designs, colors, and patterns to help us reflect our clients everywhere they go.


Travel essentials

All our bags are aimed at offering easy travel organization to help our customers enjoy every step of their journey.

When we think of the perfect travel bag, we think of one that has extra space, is lightweight, and made from durable material. This has inspired us to use the best materials, like water-resistant nylon and polycarbonate, that will help keep our customers’ belongings away from liquids and dirt.

These materials are also high-performing, lightweight, sleek, and hard to scratch, maintaining a clean and new look for more extended periods.

Our bags also come with packing cubes to elevate the experience. These are perfect for easy travel organization because they help our customers separate their clothes, keep the clothes wrinkle-free, and help customers fit more in their bags.